Monday, April 27, 2015

Monty's Excellent Explanation

Friend Monty Pelerin writes:

"There are no economic problems. There are only political problems. Economics is self-equilibrating, if not meddled with. Every political intervention is an attempt to thwart individual intentions and corrective adjustment. Political intervention does not help although it may hide (temporarily). Every political intervention makes the economic issue worse. Small targeted problems turn into large targeted problems.
If the political class continues to try to suppress the corrective mechanism, eventually the system seizes up and even collapses. That is what has been occurring over the last several decades."
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Thursday, April 9, 2015

Cause and Defect

Recently, I became acquainted with Robert Eschauzier, of The Online Freedom Academy (TOLFA) and author of the brief but thought-provoking essay below. Yesterday, I enjoyed a brief but enlightening conversation during which he agreed to extend our chat later this month for the Libertas Media Project which will be available here.

While it may be obvious to some, it is still surprising and revealing to others what can be learn, what may be suddenly revealed, from just a slight alteration in perspective. 

To that end, Robert's essay a read and see if you agree...


Virtually the entire pantheon of current societal institutions and conventions rests on the continued belief in imagined laws of social causality which are easily and verifiably falsified by observation of the results that they have produced. Thus prevails, to name but one example, the belief that social interaction is essentially a zero-sum activity where for one group of people (the “poor”) to gain from social organization another group of people (the “rich”) must be made to lose from it; never mind that the opposite becomes almost immediately evident to anyone who bothers apply even a modicum of the scientific method by studying the observable and verifiable causality which shows that, far from being a zero-sum game, life is a value-added game where any one social group will gain far more if all other social groups will gain simultaneously.

Complete essay here 

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

An On-Line Encounter

Robert Eschauzier debates instructively corrects Nelson Hultberg on the "The Golden Mean".

First read.

Second read.

Third read.

Here's a thought...

When they lose the moral/philosophical argument (against 'government', 'authority' and the State), statists love to fall back on "What's the alternative?" Then they expect Anarchists to describe how every aspect of everyone's lives, until the end of time, will all work perfectly without a ruling class. But statists are so comfortable with the authoritarian mindset that it takes a while for them to even comprehend what is being suggested.
The belief in "government" is the belief that some people should have an EXEMPTION from morality and should have the RIGHT to forcibly rob and dominate everyone else. The answer to such a horrendously bad idea is very simple: the "alternative" to imagining that some people have the right to be violent bastards is......... NOT imagining that some people have the right to be violent bastards. Nothing else needs to change. We still have all the technology, all the resources, all the cooperation and organization. The only thing we lose is a gang of parasitical crooks getting societal permission to victimize everyone else. Now, if some statist wants to point me to any problem which is IMPROVED by giving some people permission to violently victimize innocents, I'd love to hear it. Otherwise, the whole "What's the alternative?" thing is as silly as saying, "But if we get rid of car-jackers, what will we have instead?"