Rose Petals

“Link Clicking” can be as fun and informative as it can be dangerous and stupid. Fortunately, my inattentive LC’ing led me to author Larken Rose. While I was generally aware of his history with the IRS and his tenacious following, I had not interviewed him, much less read, any of his work. The web site touted his book, “The Most Dangerous Superstition”. Taken semantically, it seemed either a total waste of time or one of the least compelling titles I had ever seen. But with his reputation in mind, I ordered the book. And damned glad I did and strongly suggest you will be similarly impressed when you read it. In all likelihood, you won’t; if you don’t, chalk up a Great. Big. Loss. For. Yourself.

NB: There’s nothing in it for me if you buy it. Mr. Rose was not consulted on the feature described below nor I have asked for or expect compensation from resulting book sales. I have yet to even speak with Mr. Rose inasmuch as he has steadfastly refused my invitation for an interview. Nevertheless, knowing the majority reading this will likely not read the book – and even if you have – many points made in “The Most Dangerous Superstition” are so compelling and self-contained, they can stand alone. I will be posting those excerpts – “Rose Petals” – at regular intervals, plucked selectively from the pages of the book and other Rose writings I may encounter.

But you should read the book. Like “Atlas Shrugged”, it can change your entire outlook on life, Liberty, Freedom and the world around us.

The following are random excerpts from the book as well as various postings Mr. Rose has made of Facebook and other Internet venues.

Rose Petals

"The belief in “authority” which includes all belief in government is irrational and self-contradictory; it is contrary to civilization and morality, and constitutes the most dangerous, destructive superstition that is ever existed. Rather than being a force for order and justice, the belief in authority is the arch enemy of humanity."


Today, in defense of the idea of "government" and its "laws," someone commented that, "mankind cannot police itself." I've seen many variations on this general sentiment, which all basically amount to, "we need authority and rule-makers because human beings are untrustworthy and evil." The silliness of this idea is illustrated by the follow-up question, "if HUMANS are not to be trusted, because they are stupid and nasty, what SPECIES is going to be making those rules and laws, and administering that government, to keep us in line?"

Now, that may be worth a chuckle, but it also illustrates the fact that the belief in "government" is really a religious faith in a superhuman deity. If you listen to "true believers" (statists) speak, and really THINK about what is implied, it shows the superstition of "government" to be utterly looney. Statists very obviously speak as if "government" is something OUTSIDE OF, INDEPENDENT OF and SUPERIOR TO the human race, something that is wiser and more virtuous than mere mortals, and therefore fit to govern and control us PEOPLE. Really, I invite everyone reading this--voluntaryist or statist--to take a few minutes and really meditate on the meaning of these words, and the insane delusion they imply:

"Mankind cannot police itself."

(What's really damn sad--so sad I hate to even admit it--is that I wouldn't be at all surprised if, back when I was a statist, I said things very similar to that. Gack!)