Friday, October 29, 2021

A Short FB Exchange

 De Per
something Machiavelli points out repeatedly Discourses is that liberty actually works very well, both for the ruled and the rulers, men just don't believe that, and cowardly choose tyranny, with terrible results.

Tyrants are regularly slain. Just rulers tend to live quite a long time and produce great results. You just have to show the courage to accept and acknowledge there are things you can and shouldn't control.


Brian Wilson

<<liberty actually works very well, both for the ruled and the rulers>> 

Kinda oxymoronic, isn't it? Those 'ruled' only receive the 'liberty' the 'rulers' pemit- and they 'permit' it thru Force which negates Liberty.

<< the courage to accept and acknowledge there are things you can't and shouldn't control. >> 

Those are my decisions to make - or not - as a Free Individual enjoying Liberty, not forced upon me by the subjective standards of an imposed tyrant, good or bad. It doesn't take 'courage' to be a slave.

Saturday, October 16, 2021



Say there, Friend…have you been searching for an answer to ‘What the hell is going on?’ Do you find yourself saying repeatedly “This doesn’t make any sense!” Or using ‘WTF?’ in your business letters and Mother’s Day cards? Understanding the simple formula above can solve the problem.

CP stands for the Cloward-Piven Strategy, a 1966 political concept conceived by two American sociologists, Richard Cloward and Frances Piven (who also led an active activist life moonlighting from their gig at Columbia U.). The idea was based on their belief lotsa folks eligible for Welfare bennies weren’t getting their spot at the public-provided trough. To resolve that tragedy, they needed to foment a sign-up campaign so large, the sheer numbers would blow the doors off the administrating agencies, creating a crisis so big, it would shake awake the DC bureaucrats and emotionally driven Democrats, always sensitive to trading Boo-Hoos and Temper Fits for votes, government expansion, involvement, and dependency.

Being 1966, with the Ds in charge of everything, this was like mainlining catnip to Tabby!

Cloward-Piven “proposed to create a crisis in the current welfare system – by exploiting the gap between welfare law and practice – that would ultimately bring about its collapse and replace it with a system of guaranteed annual income. They hoped to accomplish this end by informing the poor of their rights to welfare assistance, encouraging them to apply for benefits and, in effect, overloading an already overburdened bureaucracy.” – Michael Reisch, “The Road Not Taken

‘Cloward-Piven’ became so popular in its simplicity and effectiveness, it morphed into a cliché. Its successful application is evidenced by the volume of mind-numbing issues cascading over News consumers.’ Consider the permanent ‘COVID’ pandemic, vaccines, ‘variants’, mandates, the Afghanistan debacle, China, Russia, the southern border invasion of illegal immigrants, murders, riots, the economy, weak US labor data, inflation, recession, rising taxation, economic populism, collapsing supply chains, shortages and delays, soaring energy and food prices, CRT, public schools, social media censorship and the drumbeat of more appalling laws and regulations being schemed in the backrooms of Washington – everything happening concurrently. Who can comprehend it?

You can’t.

That’s the goal of the Cloward-Piven Strategy: Overwhelm to Overthrow.

Comprehension is not required.

The popular abbreviation, MSM (Main Stream Media), represents the necessary partner with those administrating the C-P Strategy. One could argue overwhelming government agencies commandeering the burgeoning Welfare State would have been accomplished eventually with typical political hubris, the unrelenting tenacity of Democrats, and vanishing principles of Republicans. However, that would have consumed more time than the Elite’s Timekeepers could allow. The surprise election of Donald Trump ignited such panic within the Deep State, Swamp Things had to turbocharge their implementation of CP+MSM=T, an understatement easily supported by a pantload of yellow journalism.

When combined, C-P + MSM manifest the unholy matrimony between the political entities administering the C-P strategy and public conditioning by a weaponized MSM; to inundate an ignorant and apathetic populace with a perpetual torrent of incomprehensible disinformation and outright lies. Thanks to Alt Media, the Public gradually caught on to many of the lies, smears, and ‘fake news’ tactics but by then, the damage was done. Perpetrators, ‘empowered’ by the ease with which they pulled off their coup, were already on to bigger and badder things. ‘Disrupting’ and ‘overwhelming’ programs, policies and a Presidential election became mere playthings; the entire concept of America, a Constitutionally-Limited Government instituted to protect the inalienable Rights of Citizens was “oh-so-1776!”! It must be transformed.

The events of just the last 12 months are sufficient to understand the “ T” in our formula.

Tyranny. While the “T” word still gets derisive scoffs and snorts among the Raised Pinky set of the 99%, Liberal/Progressives policies championed by controlling Dems and marketed by their PR agencies embedded in the MSM, are eagerly marching the country down the one-way highway to Tyranny, the elimination of Freedom, to the point of not just ‘ruling’, but ‘owning’ us.

Resistance thus far has been sadly underwhelming.

Official Knee-Jerk Responses to public revelations of this campaign - “Unacceptable!”, “Outrageous!”, “Unconstitutional!”, “UnAmerican!” – are transparent expressions of defeat, not the full-throated retaliation required. Where is the battle plan with specific recommendations for a counter-attack to defend and preserve the Republic? While there may be some cynically accurate answers, defeating the Cloward-Piven Strategy requires an equal and opposite reaction with identical operating principles and goals: a passionate, overwhelming and consistent response that nullifies the anti-freedom programs and policies incrementally established for the last 100 years.

All that’s needed is solving for X in L = X where L is Leadership and X is Who?

Tuesday, September 7, 2021

God, Nature, and Life - Reconciled

My Dear Doctor,

Like you, I believe in a higher power, but, unlike yours, mine is not a kind fatherly one.

It is Nature, who with all its forces, beauties and necessary evils, rules our destinies according to its own irrevocable laws. I can love that power for the beauty it has brought into the world, and admire it for the strength that makes us understand how futile and useless it would be to appeal to it in prayer.

But towards a kind and fatherly God, who, being almighty, prefers to leave us in misery, when by his mere wish he could obtain the same end without so much suffering, I feel a great revolt and bitterness.

Nature makes us know that it cannot take into individual consideration the atoms we are, and for her I have no blame; no more than I could think of blaming you for having during your walks stepped on and killed many a worm (it was a pity the worm happened to be under your foot); but if during these walks your eyes were resting on the beauties of skies and trees, or your mind was solving some difficult problem, was that not a nobler occupation than had you walked eyes downwards, intent only on not killing.

I think that Nature is striving towards perfection and that each human being has the duty to help towards it by making his life a fit example for others and by awaking ideals which will be more nearly approached by coming generations.

In this way life itself offers enough explanation for living; and believing our existence to finish with death, we naturally make the most of our opportunities…

Unable to appeal to a God for help, we find ourselves dependent only on our own strong will — not to overcome misfortune, but to try to bear it as bravely as possible. Religion having for an end the more perfect and moral condition of humanity, I truly think that these ideas are as religious as any dogmatic ones.

…from Words In Pain: Letters on Life and Death by Olga Jacoby

Monday, August 16, 2021

On 'World Leaders' and Other 'Experts"

It is too easy to see them as incompetents. It is too forgiving to see them as incompetents. It is itself incompetent to think that they are incompetent.

Because their competence was never lent to the aims that they pronounced. It never is. Should we have ever thought that the claimed aim was the real aim? What made us think that? Is it the lies they have told a million times, that made us think that their claimed aims were real? Is it the dishonesty we know is in their hearts and in every fiber of their being that made us say, ‘yes, this aim is true?

Nation-building. It’s not what they do.They are not builders. They are parasites. They are not idealists. They are liars. They are not experts. They are self enrichers.

Think about it. For 20 years the foreign policy experts, the Pentagon experts, the talking heads, the academics, the tenured Professors of Islamic Studies, Foreign Policy and Middle Eastern Politics, the CIA Directors, the policy unit directors, the think tank founders, and the Ted Talk specialists, have got it wrong. Every foreign policy blunder of a US government, or of a British government, or of a world order trotting obediently in the directions given in pious speeches from one talking head to another, have got it wrong.

All of the experts got it wrong on Israel and the Palestinians, for decade after decade. Only the first person to ignore the experts crafted the Abraham Accords. Only the President called a fool by every expert around scored a significant foreign policy triumph. Only Trump did that. Only Trump secured energy independence, limited the power of Islamic States, saw ISIS territory shrink to nothing, got Islamic nations signing peace accords with Israel, got North Korea to the negotiating table, slowed and controlled Iranian aggression, confronted the reality of Chinese imperialism and growing power, returned jobs back to the ignoring the experts.

Biden is the puppet of the experts, as his prior master Obama was the darling of the experts. The media won’t ever call either of them a fool. But Obama created ISIS. Obama and Biden and Hillary gave us Benghazi. Bush Senior and Bush Junior also listened to the experts. What did these respectable Presidents forge? A playground for extremists at home and abroad. Hundreds of thousands of corpses. Nations shattered. That’s what the ‘nation builders’ did. Bombing, bombing, and more bombing. Terrorists created, encouraged, and funded. From Osama to al-Baghdadi. How many terrorists were at one time or another on the payroll of the CIA? This isn’t a conspiracy theory. It is hard-nosed pragmatic assessment.

The trillions of dollars spent in Afghanistan were not lost in the sands and thrown from the mountainsides. They were spent on contracts that went to corporations and individuals. This was their actual purpose. They were not spent to build democracy, or save Afghanistan from the Taliban, or bring bikinis and beach volleyball, and McDonald's to Kabul. They didn’t build roads and factories and schools and hospitals and a better life to show the long-bearded child abusers the wonders of a western way. Where has that money gone? Into the pockets of the arms dealers, the arms manufacturers, the salesmen, the ever-hungry corporations, the security firms, the consultancies, the think tanks, the Pentagon Generals....

In other words, to the people who are the experts who advocated the policies that spent the money and praised the politicians who signed the cheques. The right hand signs the cheque and the left hand claps the signing of cheques.

That’s what every failed policy was actually for. That’s what they were experts in. Not winning wars. Being paid to conduct a war, regardless of whether they win. Diverting trillions of dollars from the US taxpayer to the right people. To the policy formers. Just as the Biden multi-trillion dollar policy platforms on other things are pure graft. The coronavirus measures, or the green measures (as these will be in the U.K., too). The crisis is the excuse, the necessary excuse, for the corruption.

Coronavirus just took this successful model by which the ruling class of the West asset strip their own nations in the name of protecting those nations, and applied it to the excuse of a virus instead of the excuse of war. It was a model designed by the US foreign policy experts and used pretty much continuously since the end of WWII.

Afghanistan isn’t incompetence. It’s graft. Very competent graft. Very successful graft. Realize that the aim was turning on the money tap, dancing beneath its fountain of money for 20 years, profiting enormously for no return, and getting away with it. Nation-building or the war against terror was the sales patter for the rubes and hicks the money was being stolen from.

- h/tBartholomew Chiaroscuro

Monday, August 9, 2021

Valuable Intel

 OK - it's only been 4 years +/- since my last (more on that later) but considering the status of the world, America and, no doubt, your state/town/neighborhood, let me strongly suggest you spend the next few minutes watching this.