Thursday, December 4, 2014

Down With Power

Down With Power

Narrated by talk show host, Brian Wilson, "Down With Power", a Libertarian Manifesto, by L. Neil Smith now downloadable as an audiobook

Hard-line, long-time Libertarians know the name L. Neil Smith. Along with his labors in the vineyard for the Freedom and Liberty movement, L. Neil is also internationally known for his award-winning "library" of science fiction novels, each with strong libertarian plots.

His comparatively few non-fiction works on matters of Libertarian principles have been as popular as his novels. Second Amendment fans will enjoy his short, simple and pragmatic Why Did It Have To Be Guns?.

His opus, a "Libertarian Manifesto", "Down With Power" contains 27 chapters, each focused on an element of Freedom. From the "Zero Aggression Principle" to "TSA", each is given a thorough examination from the Libertarian perspective.

It was my pleasure to have narrated this work for LNS.

Brian Wilson

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