Tuesday, February 3, 2015

The Other American Revolution

American policing has reached a state of incivility, mayhem and naked murder that should make any decent man blanch but the Milgram/Stanford experiment shackled to the Stockholm Syndrome that is the tax cattle milling about under the red, white and blue simply obey.

Because the price of disobedience to the armed state sentinels prowling the American landscape will tolerate no less.

Watch any police encounter on the tens of thousands of video archives by observers and bystanders; every encounter is escalated so that the state thugs can apply the wood shampoo or worse.

Cops serve and protect the masters and no one else. They collect revenue for the mismatch between your speedometer and the signs on the road and during the stop, they will shoot you for non-compliance. I used to provide evidence of this but anyone with a computer or a TV or a newspaper can find ample evidence.

Cops are zookeepers; armed Leninists who seek violent revolution. The police seek to make every citizen cower and quaver before the power of the almighty and omnipotent state. The worthies in DC and the government satraps in the subservient states who are able to subjugate hundreds of millions before them with simply a dash of a pen or whisper into a phone.

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