Saturday, August 1, 2015

Thought for the Day

 Anarchism is not some positive, pro-active "plan" or "system" that describes how to make everything work. Anarchism is merely the rejection of a certain profoundly irrational and immoral idea ("government"), which has always, and will always, create violence and injustice.

 At the very core of “government” is its “authority” to rule by force and violence. Don’t do what “government” says to do or not do and the “government” will force you into submission through intimidation, threats, and ultimately violence. 

We have been indoctrinated to believe that “government” has such “authority.” None of us have that “authority,” i.e., the “believed” “authority” to exert intimidation, threats, and violence upon our neighbors. In fact, we believe such behavior is immoral and yet we somehow have “delegated” that “authority” to government? Really? Well yes, really and most everyone is satisfied that when the “government” exhibits such behavior it is moral and right. 

Undoubtedly, without “government” leaders would arise to coordinate peaceful cooperation and voluntary activities among the populace, but they would not be “divined” or otherwise bestowed with the “authority” to commit heinous acts (theft, kidnapping, caging, etc.)against the populace. 

Before one can argue or take a position on the merits or inevitability of "government,” one must first realize what the definition of“"government” is.

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