Saturday, February 25, 2017

Secession? Why not?

Noticed a spike in the topic of “secession” lately? Why the sudden interest, especially from Big Government types on the Left? Chalk it up to the hissy fits ricocheting around the country, a result of Donald Trump’s surprise election. Since political options for the Losers are mostly limited to chanting old '60's slogans and "slow walking" the Trump agenda, secession has become the new hot buzzword. California, the state that gave us the Pet Rock, Hula-Hoop and Charles Manson, is leading the way with websites, petitions and big plans to get a referendum on the state ballot ASAP. Current polling has the support of one in three.

Maybe - just maybe - they have the right idea. Lew Rockwell, Founder/CEO of the Mises Institute, discusses Break Up the USA with Brian Wilson on this episode of Judging Freedom.

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